In a world oversaturated with information our mission is to return to wisdom.

Amara Muse is a living, breathing entity that’s been expanding since it’s conception in 2014. Multifaceted in our approach, it is our intention to create space for healing, self development and transformation. We are Lauren Strait and Samantha Jo. Borne of our desire to heal our once strained relationship and the wider collective of women, Amara Muse has revealed to us clarity of purpose and ignited our dedication to service. We are cultivators of sacred space, creating sanctuaries in which women come together to connect, discover and rise. We’ve witnessed the miracles that happen in the presence of willingness, authenticity and love. Our offerings include both weekend and week long format retreats locally and internationally and a 200 certified yoga teacher training. We believe that each and every one is inherently magnificent and our work here is to support you in re-claiming your magnificence.


The Amara Muse 200 Yoga Teacher Training

The Amara Muse yoga teacher training is rooted in timeless yogic philosophy and technique yet infused with practical self development inspiration.  This program will support you in applying ancient principles to your modern life in order to live with a deeper sense of connection, integrity, confidence and purpose. Through this nine month gestation you will give birth to your best Self. Not only will you be more than prepared to lead in a skillful and authentic way but all areas of your life will be positively impacted by the tools and experience you will gain.


Wild Woman Immersion

Wild Woman Immersion is a weekend yoga retreat that provides the potency of ceremony and ritual, the relaxation and renewal of a getaway and the bliss of connecting with absolutely brilliant women in the most inspiring surroundings.


Re-Claim Your Magnificence Retreat

This week long immersive experience has been held in the most sublime locations over the years in Belize and Costa Rica. Our 7 day adventure into paradise offers the opportunity to journey even deeper into the space of connection, self discovery and release and provides a heightened opportunity to truly awaken JOY. Expect ceremony, daily yoga classes, workshops, circle work, writing, singing, delicious vegetarian food and MORE!


We bear witness to the absolute magic that happens when women come together in a sacred way.

Don’t take our word for it though! Check out the testimonials our Muses have shared with us over the years. We bow to all of you in gratitude for growing this project with us.