Amara Muse

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Star & Splendor

Voorheesville, NY

In a world that is over saturated with information, our mission is to return to wisdom. Guided by the system of yoga that we have inherited through thousands of generations of teachers, we seek to facilitate experiential embodiment for all who participate.  The Amara Muse yoga teacher training is a nine month program rooted in timeless yogic philosophy and technique yet infused with practical self development inspiration.  This program will support you in applying ancient principles to your modern life in order to live with a deeper sense of connection, integrity, confidence and purpose.

The Amara Muse teacher training is a process and pathway by which you will become an illuminated, motivated and impactful presence in the world. This experience will offer you the opportunity to deepen your devotion and align with your inherent divinity.  Embarking on this journey will involve self reflection, guided inquiry and discovery and collaborative exploration supporting you in finding and claiming your authentic expression.

It is an honor and a privilege to experience the many gifts of yoga.  The degree that you commit yourself to these practices is the degree that your life will be improved. No matter the trajectory you take beyond this training, the benefit will expand into all areas. Should you choose to begin teaching, you will be thoroughly prepared to lead in an empowered and skillful way. Herein lies the potential for you to awaken your joy and infuse all that you do with the spirit of Yoga. 

what to expect:

  • Sacred Space and Ceremony

  • History of Yoga and Yogic philosophy

  • Study of the Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras

  • Tools for Self Development

  • Prayer and Devotion

  • Bhakti Yoga, Mantra and Kirtan

  • Study of the Chakra System

  • Anatomy and Mechanics of Movement

  • Asana and Alignment

  • Pranayama and Meditation

  • The Art of Sequencing

  • Hands on Assists

  • Ayurvedic Self Care

  • The Business of Yoga

A Typical Weekend:


4 - 7 Ceremony, reflections, assignments and workshops

*Saturdays and Sundays:

7 - 9am - morning satsang, meditation and asana class

9 - 9:15 - break

9:15 - 12:30 - history of yoga/yogic philosophy/chakra study

12:30 - 1:30 - L U N C H !

1:30 - 2:30 - Anatomy and Mechanics of Movement

2:30 - 4:00 - asana lab

4 - 5 - student teaching


2019 Dates:

September 6-8

October 4-6

November 1-3

Nov 29-Dec 1

January 3-5

Jan 31-Feb 2

March 6-8

April 3-5

May 1-3



Fridays 4-7pm

Saturdays 7-5

Sundays 7-4



Full tuition: $3100

Paid in full by June 15: $2899

$500 non refundable deposit is required for registration. Minimum of 50% of tuition is due by August 23.

*Cancellation Policy: If the training cannot take place, cancellation will happen by August 1ST and all money refunded.


“Yoga is a light…

which once lit will never dim.”

-BKS Iyengar



Are you ready to take this next step into your self development and education? This self investment will support you in bringing forth your very best as you become the empowered leader you are here to be!