“This weekend was one of the most incredible weekends of my life. The universe introduced me to some of the strongest, bravest, most loving human beings I have ever met. We hiked on the Appalachian Trail to a waterfall, we did yoga, we shared deeply and freely in the safest space I have ever felt. We created vision boards and so much more that let our creativity flow freely. We sang, we danced, we chanted, we laughed and laughed and laughed some more. We loved, SO MUCH! Above all, I shed so much pain of my past that I no longer have to carry into my future. I gained hope, spirituality, courage, strength and let go of SO much fear. I have arrived and I now have some of the most amazing soul sisters on my side. Thank you Lauren Marie Strait and Samantha Jo for your compassion, dedication and LOVE. I can't wait for my next Wild Woman Immersion!”

-Gabrielle in NY

“Amara muse has a way of attracting women of all ages and walks of life who are willing to come together open and ready for transformation. Samantha Jo and Lauren are catalyst for a loving and nurturing environment  that facilitates healing through movement and self discovery. Some how they find magical settings for their retreats that Stimulate all of your senses from taste to sound and beyond. Through their retreats, you gain a new sense of purpose and a community of women who will forever support you. Every event has left me feeling richer in spirit and blessed beyond words.”

-Carol in NY

“Coming back from Costa Rica, I feel more myself than I have felt in quite a long time. Not just that, but I am more present and grateful in my life which has made me much happier. I've seen improvements in my acting, my interactions with others, and just my daily thought process. Of course, nothing is perfect and I have moments where I am moving too quickly or just going on autopilot, but I am more capable of recognizing those moments and pulling myself back into the lessons we worked during the retreat. For the last year, I have felt lost and muddled up in my head, but I am breathing easier because if I ever happen get that lost again, I now have the tools to bring myself back to this feeling and mindset. And that is thanks to both of you. I have nothing but praise to say about the two of you and Amara Muse as a whole. Thank you for changing my life and bringing such a positive source of light and love with you everywhere you go.”

-Jess in Pennsylvania

"The last year and a half has been a journey of self discovery for me. As much self work as I was doing, I didn't feel the inner strength that I knew I was capable of. Lauren and Sam have created a program that is so empowering, so inspiring and completely encompasses the power of the sisterhood. The love and support that I continue to feel from Sam and Lauren is only topped by the love I now have for myself. I am stronger, I am braver and I can honestly say that I am proud to be me. Lauren and Sam create a space where you are able to see and be your best self. I am so grateful."

-Elizabeth in Maine

"If you're thinking like you need some healing, some self-love, some up-lifting energy, some positivity, some kind of premium unleaded gas in your tank, search no further! AMARA MUSE is your source."

-Sayward in Arizona

“I have never discovered myself more deeply than when I had the beautiful opportunity to be exposed in Belize. It was the most beautiful journey I have been on - it pushed me to face my past, be comfortable in the complicated moment of the present, and dare to dream of a beautiful future beyond what my capabilities limited me to before. I have taken the words of inspiration I received in Belize, and applied it to my personal life. The empowerment that Amara Muse gives to women can inspire them to travel the world by themselves, and not have an ounce of fear that would hold them back. Samantha and Lauren have a way with words, and a way with movement, that breaks through the barriers of fear, and soaks deep into the powerful movement of love.”

-Mariah in Maine

“Amara Muse, Samantha Jo and Lauren are awesome. I have been to almost all of their retreats, workshops and trips down to Belize and Costa Rica and every one of them has taught me new life lessons which I carry with me every day.”

-Gail in NY

“This experience with Amara Muse has been so incredible.  Lauren and Samantha are two amazing women who really embody all of the work that they share and I feel so lucky to have been a part of this experience.  I can’t wait to join them again!”

-Olivia in Maine