We are Lauren Strait and Samantha Jo

Amara Muse is our love child. Laughter is our medicine, love is our language. For each of us, Yoga has provided a pathway out of pain and into purpose. To this collaboration we bring our full selves - all that we are, all that we have experienced and all that we have been given. We have discovered pieces of ourselves all along the way in every woman who has shown up ready to reveal herself, her story, her truth. We feel a deep calling to share all that Yoga has given us to anyone willing enough to receive. Doing this work together is our greatest blessing and privilege.





My devotion lies within the ever unfolding mystery of life. I learned at a very young age that faith is fundamental and foundational and trusting the direction of life’s wisdom allows me to soar. 

Yoga found me after years of suffering and offered me a pathway back to LIFE. The practices of yoga and their inherent wisdom gave me permission to exist safely in my body, and in doing so, helped me heal my once very damaged relationship with myself - opening the doors to a deeper connection with Spirit. 

As a teacher my goal is to facilitate an experience where students are so embodied, present and awake that they become aware of self imposed limitations that exist in the mind, and with safe space, guidance and encouragement, are able to rework their patterns, dissolve separation and merge with the Truth of who they are - which is Love - infinite in nature. It’s crucial for me to create a safe and sacred container so students can dive deep within themselves to discover and uncover what lies within their bodies and gain access to the wisdom of their hearts.

I’ve always been a keen observer of energy - acutely sensitive and intricately interwoven in the experiences of others. This sensitivity to energy helps me intimately create sometimes subtle and sometime powerful shifts within the group experience. 

Yoga asks us to show up for ourselves and all the pieces that create the person we are now - our feelings, our wounds, our discomfort, our frustrations and take responsibility for getting present so we can show up fully and respond in healthy ways. This empowers us to rewrite our stories that keep us stuck and small and rise into the ever expanding versions of ourselves. This is how we heal. This is how we help heal the world around us.





I’ve made my home in the ever changing space of personal transformation. I’m passionate about the intersections of Spirit and relationships, the embodiment of wisdom and the awakening of true joy. I seek to serve as a Soul Alignment Guide, like a sherpa of light through the vast inner landscape with devotion as our compass and Love as the nectar of our nourishment.

I go where joy leads, following my natural curiosities to create a life filled with meaning. Nothing I’ve discovered belongs to me but rather ascends from a current of wisdom that lives within all of us, including YOU. The light found me when I was nearly drowned in a dark ocean of pain. My life was spared so that I could illuminate the way home for others. I am the product of all of the teachings I have received, none of which I intend to keep for myself.  All that I am and all that I have learned has become my offering.

I am guided by Spirit. Life is my initiation. I’ve witnessed the potency of sacred space and feel compelled to facilitate these spaces for healing and transformation within myself and for anyone who feels willing to answer the call. 

I believe that ALL are inherently worthy, valuable and absolutely brilliant. I define power as a frequency that runs through us when we’re open enough to receive it. The miraculous force that animates the entire Universe lives within each of us waiting to be re-discovered and extended in loving service to others. This is what Soul alignment is all about. This is the seat of our confidence and the birth of purpose. We can collaborate in many ways. My offerings include all aspects of yoga, coaching and reiki chakra alignment therapy. If you’re ready, I’m here. Let’s walk each other home.