Steadiness Amidst the Shifts

How do we stay afloat when the waters of life become choppy?  We're not able to control the currents but we can learn to be better swimmers.  Have you ever allowed yourself to be suspended on the surface of the water - held by it's vastness and dissolved into the sensation of weightlessness?  Swimming against the tides is exhausting and inefficient - it requires so much energy with very little reward.  We fight so hard sometimes when all the while we could release into the ever present support that upholds us.

The beauty of spiritual practice - which is anything we do that involves contemplation, inquiry, presence and awareness - is that it leads us to develop a state of steadiness and contentment.  We learn to lean in when we really wanna run.  We learn to befriend the breath rather than suffocate.  We learn to trust rather than be overwhelmed by doubt.  This is by no means easy or effortless.  Sometimes life hurts.  Sometimes our hearts shatter.  Sometimes our knees hit the floor.

When life brings us to our knees, we arrive in the perfect place of surrender.  We stop resisting and start yielding.  We ask for help and open ourselves up to receiving. It's from here that we are carried forward and absorb the lessons that dwell in the difficulties.  This is what it means to embody steadiness amidst the shifts of life.

May you maintain contentment no matter how the tides are changing.
May you trust that all is with purpose.
May you know how supported you are.
And so it is.

In service, 
L & S

Photo by the lovely

Amara Muse