Befriend Your Becoming

Let's just talk about these ranunculus flowers.  Beginning as a tightly wound bud, they've spent the last few days in a steady state of opening. Over time these flowers have revealed deeper parts of themselves becoming more and more exquisite in their exposure. It's been fascinating to witness this effortless unfolding. There's no resistance or hesitation, simply allowance and grace. 


What if we could be so open and ready to receive each layer as life shifts before us? What if, instead of resisting life's way of continuum, we fell into the space of allowance? The more willing we become to let life flow through us, the more we embody the beauty of the process. It is from moving with life, rather than against it, that we become more fulfilled. Through presence, acceptance and willingness we co-create with life to receive the constant evolution of ourselves. 


On this journey of becoming - as we encounter new layers, perhaps unexpected expressions of ourselves - hesitation may arise. We must let go of who we thought we were in order to become who we truly are. Fear often accompanies change. May we use these opportunities to befriend the discomfort and every aspect of Self - those that we're letting go of and those that we're receiving. It is in the constant releasing and renewal that we transform. 


May you place your faith in the purpose of each new arrival. 

May you continually open and receive yourself. 

May you move with the currents of life. 

May you be blessed always. 


And so it is


In service, 

L & S

Amara Muse