When Life Hands You Lemons...

...Make delicious Ayurvedic beverages.

Inevitably obstacles arrive on our path.  These obstacles are Divinely designed and perfectly placed to propel our individual growth.  How we navigate these moments determines whether we suffer or soar.

Are we willing to receive each moment as an opportunity for learning?  Do we trust the inherent purpose residing within every experience?  The degree to which we resist is the degree to which we will suffer.  The degree to which we are willing is the degree to which we will soar.  Leaning in, as opposed to resisting is the way in which we allow these challenges to become nourishing rather than depleting.  When we give ourselves permission to stay in the discomfort we become available to receive information and inspiration that will guide us forward.

Our self discovery, our evolution, our transformation will not occur in our safety zone.  Infinite purpose, potential, and possibilities dwell on the other side of comfort.

Are you ready to live fearlessly? 

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Nourishing Ayurvedic Beverage Recipe

Room temperature water
Sliced fresh Turmeric
Sliced fresh Ginger
Sliced fresh Lemon

Let sit in a big ole jug, pour a glass and enjoy!

Amara Muse