New Beginnings


Every morning is a new beginning. What we choose to do upon waking will set the tone for the rest of the day.  In order to have a kick ass day we must begin with intention the moment we wake up.  If when we wake up, we immediately turn to the stresses of the world by checking social media, the news, our e-mails and messages, fear will set in and continued stress is inevitable.  If however, we choose to practice self-care upon waking, we will be more able to be an extension of love throughout the day; in our relationships to ourselves and others, to our work, to our food and to everything that we do.  Marianne Williamson says, “If you are not proactively filling your house with light, darkness will be there.”  What are you filling yourself with?

What would it feel like if you implemented one new morning practice?  As with any new change, it's important for us to keep it simple.  So as not to overwhelm the systems of the body, we suggest starting by adding just one or two into your routine.  Here are some suggestions:

    •    5 conscious breaths upon waking

    •    Gratitude for the day

    •    Morning prayer

    •    Journal

    •    Drink water

    •    Move your body

    •    Meditate

These practices have positively shifted the trajectory of our days and our lives.  What has been the most powerful for us is breath and prayer.  Prayer is another way of saying intention.  To be in prayer is to place faith in a power greater than our own, it is to re-direct low vibration to thought, to high vibration existence.  We pray to God, Universe, Mother, Angels, Guides, Ganesha, (pretty much anyone who may listen :) ).  Make it your own, that which most resonates with you!  Here are some examples of prayers that rock our day:

Creator God,

Thank you so much for the gift of this new day.  May I be an instrument of your will.  May I be a blessing on all that I meet and may all be a blessing upon me. 

And so it is.

Dear God,

Please guide me to be of service.  May every thought, word, and action I take be rooted in love.  What would you have me do, where would you have me go, what would you have me say, and to whom?  My life is in your hands. 

And so it is.

We have found affirmations to be a great tool in meditation.  Meditation is a practice of connecting fully with the present moment, becoming embodied, honoring sacred breath.  Try this - sitting comfortably, observing the breath, silently say to yourself:

Inhale - Here

Exhale - Now

It’s important to remember that you have the opportunity to begin again with each new moment but there is something so sweet, sacred, and powerful about the dawning of each new day.  We wish you the best with your morning rituals and hold the vision of you totally kicking ass and rocking your days!  Please let us know in the comments how it’s going for you and stay connected with us!  We are delighted to serve you in re-claiming your magnificence.

In service,

L & S