On The Verge

Vulnerability is defined by Brene Brown as risk, uncertainty, emotional exposure. Courage doesn't come from being tough, it is rooted in our willingness to soften, to be vulnerable. Living with our hearts wide open can be terrifying and uncomfortable at times, but to resist being vulnerable is to live within the confines of fearful limitation and stagnancy. On the other side of that fear is freedom. On the other side of that fear is limitless possibilities. On the other side of that fear is love.

To connect, to love, to develop trust on any level, vulnerability is absolutely necessary.  I know this to be true.  I've become pretty comfortable with vulnerability in certain arenas of my life. In others though, I am a total amateur.  It's not the part about becoming bare, heart forward, like that.  That part is somewhat easy for me.  It's what follows.  It's the being on the verge with that wide open rawness that has become me.  On the verge.  On the verge of what?  That's the thing with vulnerability, its that risk, that uncertainty.  On the verge of anything.  On the verge of a new lesson, a new teaching.  And it's here already, in this very moment, always.  To learn how to sit in that discomfort.  To be present with it.  To lean into it, feel it, and to trust in the purpose of its current residency.

We live in an over medicated culture where so many would rather numb than feel, would rather avoid than be present.  And I get it, because being on the verge is not exactly cozy, but it is the seed from which freedom grows forth.  To be on the verge is to be a warrior, compassion in every direction, with faith as the nourishment, and love as the driving force.

We're all just trying to find our way home. The journey home is full of experiences that break us open, that dissolve the stories of the ego, that break apart the boxes we have built that limit us.  All of this is designed for our personal ascension, that we may rise and become better, more purposeful and fulfilled versions of ourselves, IF we're willing to maintain that bravery, to keep being open, even when it hurts, especially if we become shattered, especially when it's scary.

So, stand in your worthiness.  Be brave.  Go out there, heart forward and lean into it.

Love you big time.


Photo by the lovely Ariusphoto.com