Get more out of your relationships...



Get more out of your relationships by giving more to your relationships.  


What is the key to a happy, healthy, successful relationship? This is something that Lauren and I have been contemplating as we draw so much inspiration and nourishment from our collaboration. What we've come up with: it takes a deep commitment to the wellbeing of the relationship. More than just myself or herself, we are dedicated to each other. Communication is clear and without judgement or blame. If, in any given moment, either of us feels off about something, we name it and work through it immediately. We are so vested in serving each other and the relationship itself because we know that, in the words of Aristotle, "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts."



This shared intention creates a safe space that is free of fear and full of love. There is no hesitation to speak honestly about our thoughts and feelings as they happen because the desire is to understand each other and to aid in our collective healing.


How are you showing up in your relationships? What if, instead of asking - what can I get out of this, the question becomes - what can I give? When we align ourselves with the intention to serve, with the intention to love, everything we do becomes so much more fulfilling and purposeful. When we choose to perceive our relationships as opportunities to learn about ourselves and each other, then that is what they become. Relationships are a powerful vessel for growth and transformation. We learn so much more about ourselves through the ways in which we connect and relate with others.


Just to note - sometimes the best way one can be of service in certain unhealthy relationships is to let them go, with love and compassion. To let go does not mean to stop caring, to let go is to place that which you can no longer do for yourself or somebody else into the Divine hands that can. More to come on this another week.


Dear God,

Please lift all my relationships to their Divine Holy purpose. Please guide me to be of service and help me to be in the ministry of love in every thought, word, action, and interaction.  May I be a blessing on all that I meet.

And so it is.

Amen. Aho.

Amara Muse