Support Equals Freedom


Affirmation: Support is my birthright.


Let's talk support. What is it and where do you find it? Can you see it with your eyes and feel it with your hands? Is it a feeling? Who do you look to? What do you lean on?


Support - the idea of being held up - is paramount in our ability to move through life with confidence, freedom and trust in a plan perhaps greater than our own. I say this in my classes often as encouragement to use the support of props, 'The more supported we feel in a pose (i.e. the more supported we feel in life), the more access we have to a state of freedom'. Imagine a pose as any life situation and props as your friends, faith, prayer, practices that keep you afloat, etc. In other words - the more able we are to lean on our various pillars the more able we are to be at peace, to breathe spaciously, to surrender and to experience liberation - freedom from self-imposed limitations.


So many times the ego (fear based mind) would have us dodge the props. It would tell us that we can do it on our own and we don't need any help. The problem is that, as spiritual beings having a human experience, we depend on connection to carry us through life. We depend on connection for sustenance, for basic human needs, for the ability to adapt to change and, quite simply, to live. To deny support is to deny the true nature of life.


The Sanskrit word Sangha means conscious spiritual community and this community is a primary source of nourishment, of inspiration, of accountability, and celebration. Our sangha is like the mirror reflecting our very best back to us which empowers us to become the very best version of ourselves that we can be. They are there to remind us when we are out of alignment and to uphold and uplift us.


Your vibe attracts your tribe. We become who we surround ourselves with. Take a moment to sit and observe. What is the quality of the energy that you allow into your space? That energy has such a powerful impact on how we feel. It penetrates us on a cellular level, influencing our thoughts, our words, and our actions.


Our mission, as Amara Muse, is to widen the circle of women supporting and uplifting each other so that we may all rise into our greatness, live in freedom and re-claim our magnificence. We are in the process of building this extraordinary community. If you're interested in finding your tribe, adopting new modalities of support and rocking your life please join our circle because - together we rise.


In closing, we'd like to pose the question: how can you be more supportive of yourself and of your beloveds? 


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