Make Magic


Hafiz said it so perfectly:

This place where you are right now
God circled on a map for you.

Wherever your eyes and arms and heart can move
against the earth and the sky,

The Beloved has bowed there –
knowing you were coming.

I could tell you a priceless secret about
your real worth, dear

But any unkindness to yourself
any confusion about others,

Will keep one from accepting
the grace, the love

The sublime freedom
divine knowledge always offers to you.

Wherever you are right now ... stop ... take a deep breath and fall into the knowing that you are exactly where you're supposed to be. Take that in. Precisely where you're intended to exist directly in this moment. It may not seem like it or maybe it does, but one thing is for certain; you are where you are with purpose and when you can believe that time magically begins moving with more ease.

Sometimes we get so caught up in what we think is going wrong in our lives that we're blind to the opportunities and experiences right  in front of us. We get stuck and things feel congested. At times it's as if being in the center of our personal struggle is the only thing that exists. We know. We've been there. But what if we knew with absolute certainty that each moment we find ourselves in comes with purpose? What if softened into the wisdom that we are being guided? What if we accepted that? Seems pretty radical to us.

What happens when we decide to shift our presence from resistance to acceptance is nothing short of a miracle. When we resist life- life resists us. When we practice acceptance we can move forward. It's like opening up an energy vortex and allowing the opportunities before us to rise up crystal clear. It's in these moments that we can gain such insight and receive really powerful lessons. But we have to pay attention.

We've been feeling the power of presence SO MUCH lately. We've committed ourselves to showing up FULLY for ourselves m, for each other and for the work we contribute to the world and things are BLOWING UP - in the best way possible. It's not always easy to allow ourselves to be seen and heard, but it's always worth it. We dare you to try.

Deep Bow,

L & S

photos by the lovely

Steadiness Amidst the Shifts

How do we stay afloat when the waters of life become choppy?  We're not able to control the currents but we can learn to be better swimmers.  Have you ever allowed yourself to be suspended on the surface of the water - held by it's vastness and dissolved into the sensation of weightlessness?  Swimming against the tides is exhausting and inefficient - it requires so much energy with very little reward.  We fight so hard sometimes when all the while we could release into the ever present support that upholds us.

The beauty of spiritual practice - which is anything we do that involves contemplation, inquiry, presence and awareness - is that it leads us to develop a state of steadiness and contentment.  We learn to lean in when we really wanna run.  We learn to befriend the breath rather than suffocate.  We learn to trust rather than be overwhelmed by doubt.  This is by no means easy or effortless.  Sometimes life hurts.  Sometimes our hearts shatter.  Sometimes our knees hit the floor.

When life brings us to our knees, we arrive in the perfect place of surrender.  We stop resisting and start yielding.  We ask for help and open ourselves up to receiving. It's from here that we are carried forward and absorb the lessons that dwell in the difficulties.  This is what it means to embody steadiness amidst the shifts of life.

May you maintain contentment no matter how the tides are changing.
May you trust that all is with purpose.
May you know how supported you are.
And so it is.

In service, 
L & S

Photo by the lovely

Befriend Your Becoming

Let's just talk about these ranunculus flowers.  Beginning as a tightly wound bud, they've spent the last few days in a steady state of opening. Over time these flowers have revealed deeper parts of themselves becoming more and more exquisite in their exposure. It's been fascinating to witness this effortless unfolding. There's no resistance or hesitation, simply allowance and grace. 


What if we could be so open and ready to receive each layer as life shifts before us? What if, instead of resisting life's way of continuum, we fell into the space of allowance? The more willing we become to let life flow through us, the more we embody the beauty of the process. It is from moving with life, rather than against it, that we become more fulfilled. Through presence, acceptance and willingness we co-create with life to receive the constant evolution of ourselves. 


On this journey of becoming - as we encounter new layers, perhaps unexpected expressions of ourselves - hesitation may arise. We must let go of who we thought we were in order to become who we truly are. Fear often accompanies change. May we use these opportunities to befriend the discomfort and every aspect of Self - those that we're letting go of and those that we're receiving. It is in the constant releasing and renewal that we transform. 


May you place your faith in the purpose of each new arrival. 

May you continually open and receive yourself. 

May you move with the currents of life. 

May you be blessed always. 


And so it is


In service, 

L & S

Quit playing small!

"Every woman who heals herself helps heal all the women that came before her, and all those who come after her."

-Christine Northrup

There is nothing insignificant about your healing.  The healing of the world begins with you.  We are each here with great purpose and that purpose is to re-connect with the truth of who we are - which is love - and to be an extension of it .  To heal is to empower.  As we come to accept and appreciate our pain, we become more compassionate toward others and their woundedness, thus contributing to the collective healing.

The voice of fear would have us play small and attach to the stories of our despair with blame, regret, resentment and guilt.  This is an absolute barrier to growth, freedom, health and vitality. Who wants that?  To be on a path of healing is to take full responsibility for the life you're living and that which you are creating.  This road is never-ending.  We are gifted with the life long opportunity to improve.  

It is a powerful and courageous act to rise above the confines of our self imposed limitations.  It takes steadfast dedication and requires support. Transformation is contagious.  As we awaken, we give those around us permission to do the same.  Rising into our greatness is magnetic and has the potential to create a ripple effect. What will you invest in this life long journey?  Will you commit?

In service,
Samantha & Lauren

Moment captured by on our blissful Belize retreat last year!  We head back in February 2018 - join us!

When Life Hands You Lemons...

...Make delicious Ayurvedic beverages.

Inevitably obstacles arrive on our path.  These obstacles are Divinely designed and perfectly placed to propel our individual growth.  How we navigate these moments determines whether we suffer or soar.

Are we willing to receive each moment as an opportunity for learning?  Do we trust the inherent purpose residing within every experience?  The degree to which we resist is the degree to which we will suffer.  The degree to which we are willing is the degree to which we will soar.  Leaning in, as opposed to resisting is the way in which we allow these challenges to become nourishing rather than depleting.  When we give ourselves permission to stay in the discomfort we become available to receive information and inspiration that will guide us forward.

Our self discovery, our evolution, our transformation will not occur in our safety zone.  Infinite purpose, potential, and possibilities dwell on the other side of comfort.

Are you ready to live fearlessly? 

If so, join us for our three month electronic life training, The Calling.

Photo by the beautiful

In service,

L & S


Nourishing Ayurvedic Beverage Recipe

Room temperature water
Sliced fresh Turmeric
Sliced fresh Ginger
Sliced fresh Lemon

Let sit in a big ole jug, pour a glass and enjoy!

Demolish Your Story

I was listening to a podcast last week and this sequence of words I heard Tony Robbins say struck me as so profound I had to listen to him repeat the words over and over again. He said, 'The story that protects you also imprisons you'. Read that again ... the story that protects you also imprisons you. 

How often do we create stories within the confines of our minds about our relationships? Relationships with ourself, our intimate partners, our friends, our co-workers, our work, our belief systems, etc. How often do we get stuck in the mindset of 'I'm right, they're wrong,'? This mindset eliminates any possibility of broadening our perspective and enabling connection with whomever is on the other side of this crazy tale of the fear based mind. How many times throughout the day are we caught up in thoughts that would distract us from the present experience and the truth that dwells there? What purpose does this serve?

Any story we conjure up is a separation from truth - truth as love - and will only serve to keep us disconnected. Disconnection yields suffering in so many ways; stress, anxiety, unhealthy relationships, the repetition of unresolved issues and so much more. This is precisely what Tony Robbins meant when he said the story that protects you also imprisons you. Creation founded by the ego is destructive regardless of which way you look at it. Creation founded by love is the only opportunity we have for freedom, connection, happiness and growth. 

It's easy to be in a constant state of story engagement when the tools and practices of self-inquiry, mindfulness and self-development aren't in place. But it's hard to live like this. It hurts to live like this.  Staying within the realm of the story keeps us anchored in pain, struggle and limitation, while breaking free from the attachment unlocks potential we couldn't before see. 

Once we heighten our awareness enough to know that these narratives are false we must hold ourselves accountable for their dissolution and our ascension. Once we acquire the techniques of mindfulness (knowing what we're thinking when we're thinking it) we have the faculties to shift our thoughts, witness the stories evaporate and re-center our awareness on the truth that is - and always will be - love. 

Check your stories. Are they rooted in fear? Are they keeping you small? (The answer is 'yes'). Ditch the stories and open yourself up to infinite possibilities. The choice is yours and it's one that holds power beyond measure.

Photo taken by the brilliant Arius Photo.

In Service, 

Lauren and Samantha

Get more out of your relationships...



Get more out of your relationships by giving more to your relationships.  


What is the key to a happy, healthy, successful relationship? This is something that Lauren and I have been contemplating as we draw so much inspiration and nourishment from our collaboration. What we've come up with: it takes a deep commitment to the wellbeing of the relationship. More than just myself or herself, we are dedicated to each other. Communication is clear and without judgement or blame. If, in any given moment, either of us feels off about something, we name it and work through it immediately. We are so vested in serving each other and the relationship itself because we know that, in the words of Aristotle, "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts."



This shared intention creates a safe space that is free of fear and full of love. There is no hesitation to speak honestly about our thoughts and feelings as they happen because the desire is to understand each other and to aid in our collective healing.


How are you showing up in your relationships? What if, instead of asking - what can I get out of this, the question becomes - what can I give? When we align ourselves with the intention to serve, with the intention to love, everything we do becomes so much more fulfilling and purposeful. When we choose to perceive our relationships as opportunities to learn about ourselves and each other, then that is what they become. Relationships are a powerful vessel for growth and transformation. We learn so much more about ourselves through the ways in which we connect and relate with others.


Just to note - sometimes the best way one can be of service in certain unhealthy relationships is to let them go, with love and compassion. To let go does not mean to stop caring, to let go is to place that which you can no longer do for yourself or somebody else into the Divine hands that can. More to come on this another week.


Dear God,

Please lift all my relationships to their Divine Holy purpose. Please guide me to be of service and help me to be in the ministry of love in every thought, word, action, and interaction.  May I be a blessing on all that I meet.

And so it is.

Amen. Aho.